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Lawn Maintenance

attractive, weed-free home lawn


Maintaining an attractive, weed-free home lawn that's also mower-friendly is quite simple.

A healthy lawn provides a pleasant environment for your family and provides a 'cooling zone' around your home.  It's also a most cost-effective way to cover areas surrounding your house.

As a guide, you should aim to mow once a week or at least every ten days in spring and summer, and taper this off as the weather dictates over autumn and winter.  Infrequent mowing can cause the grass to become stalky and less attractive, so it's advisable to mow regularly with sharp blades to keep your lawn looking its best.

In the warmer months grass grows its fastest and is at its healthiest.  Aim for no less than a 2.5cm cutting height, as a big risk of mowing low is scalping, which browns off the grass.  Repeated scalping risks weakening the lawn and allowing weeds and disease to take hold.  During cooler months when growth slows right down you should raise your cutting height a little so as not to damage it.

Mowers that mulch are most beneficial for the lawn because they recycle grass clippings back into it which provides valuable nutrients for sustained growth.  Dedicated mulching mowers have blades which are designed to break down cut grass into very small pieces and distribute them evenly over the lawn where they quickly break down without a trace.

If you choose to catch your grass clippings, your lawn could benefit considerably from fertilising during spring and summer - frequent mowing and removal of clippings deprives the lawn of rich nutrients it has extracted from the soil.  A mix of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in a ratio of 3:1:2 is ideal to supply the correct balance for a healthy lawn with uniform growth.



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