162 Glenda Drive, Frankton

Ziegler & Brown Portable

$479.00 Inc Gst

Available in Gun metal or Red Chilli

The elegant European inspired design is so simple and efficient, it folds up smaller, is more compact and easier to transport or store than other BBQs of its size. Pop it in the boot or on the back seat. Take it camping, to the beach, on picnics, use it on the balcony or BBQ beside the pool. It's great for big spaces, small places, flats, home units or apartments.

  • Little Ziggy boasts a powerful burner and innovative design making it the ultimate BBQ for every outdoor occasion - from entertaining guests on your inner city balcony, to picnic lunches.

  • Its high-domed, roll-back hood is a unique Ziegler & Brown design. It can be used open or closed for incredible versatility when cooking and grilling. Whether you're preparing a succulent roast for dinner or frying up bacon and eggs for breakfast, with the portable Ziggy your barbeque cooking options are endless.

  • For transport or storage, the hood rolls back right under the BBQ. The hood and cooking grill lock in place making it simple and very compact to carry. Perfect for camping and caravanning.

  • Roasting hoods feature a big, cool touch handle and easy-to-read temperature gauge

  • Exterior finished with a high temperature resistant, full gloss coating. Easy to keep clean with a quick wipe over!

  • Cleverly designed side shelves - durable, easily stowed, removable and act as windshields on windy days.

  • Heat and smoke exhausted via a rear facing vent for safety, comfort and less cleaning.

  • Removable drip cup for simple and easy cleaning.

  • Ziggy grills include a flame tamer, which stops oils from falling directly onto the burners to avoid flare-ups

  • Cooking grills are made from matt vitreous enamelled cast iron. Great heat retention and rust protected, they can fit into your dishwasher for an easier clean up!

  • Burner is ignited using the Ziegler & Brown flame thrower ignition system. Lights first time, every time.

  • Little Ziggy can be used stand-alone on a table top or with the optional stand, pictured. Optional camping stand is compact, easy to carry, assemble, transport and store.

  • Optional Portable Grill Trivet Kit allows you to turn your BBQ into a cooktop. Perfect for camping!

  • Optional full hotplate is made of cast iron with a matt vitreous enamel finish. The non-rusting hotplate sits directly in the firebox in place of the existing grill. A smooth finish guarantees mouthwatering results every time; pancakes, eggs, bacon - cook up a big brekky on one hotplate

  • Optional non-stick half hotplates are perfect for versatile grilling on the go. Use one piece on top of the existing grill or two pieces in place of the existing grill. With one side smooth and one side griddle, they are super lightweight cast aluminium for ultimate portability.

  • Awarded the Australian Good Design Selection in 2015

  • Available in Chilli Red or Gunmetal Grey

  • 5 year warranty on firebox and hood




  • Control Panel - High Gloss Coated Steel

  • Hood - Full Gloss Coated Heavy Duty Aluminium Die Cast

  • Firebox/Grill Body - Heavy Duty Aluminium Die Cast

  • Grill Type - Matt Vitreous Enamel Cast Iron

  • Cooking Configuration - Full Grill

  • Primary Cooking Size - 470mm x 360mm oval

  • Number of Main Burners - 1

  • Burner Type - Stainless Steel

  • Total Burner Mj/h - 10.8

  • Main burner Mj/h - 1 x 10.8

  • Ignition Type - Flame thrower

  • Cover - Optional

  • Grill Dimensions: Hood Retracted - 290H x 675W x 500D

  • Grill Dimensions: Hood Closed - 415H x 675W x 460D

  • Grill Dimensions: Hood Open - 470H x 730W x 440D

  • Grill Dimensions - full cart w/shelves: Hood Open - 1165H x 1140W x 665D

  • Maximum Hood Height above Grill - 190

  • Weight - Grill only - 14kg

  • Weight - Grill on stand or cart - 16.5kg



$129.00 Inc Gst

This sleek and sturdy Portable Stand has been specifically designed to increase the versatility and convenience of your little Ziggy, whilst taking up minimal space in your boot.

  • Your little Ziggy locks firmly into the stand holding it safe and sturdy, be it on the deck or at the campsite.

  • With powder-coated aluminium legs, the stand is rust-free and very lightweight. It is also super sturdy thanks to adjustable feet that hold your Portable Grill securely in place; perfect for locations with uneven ground such as at the park, on the beach or in the backyard.

  • Including a carry bag, the Ziegler & Brown Portable stand is the ultimate accessory for your little Ziggy. 


  • Wheel Type - None

  • Weight - Stand/Cart Only - 2.5kg